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Foam sclerotherapy is the newest method of treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency. It consists in injection of a drug into a vein in the form of specially prepared foam. This form of the drug works definitely from three to four times more potent than equivalent volumes and concentrations of these agents in liquid form. The bigger one the force of action depends on many factors, such as the increase in the effective active surface acting on the wall vessels compared to the liquid form of the drug and the displacement of blood from the treated vessel, resulting in a prolonged contact of the undiluted agent with the vessel endothelium. Compared to injection of the liquid form of the given The foam of the preparation causes stronger vessel contraction and fibrosis over a much longer distance where it was administered. Additionally, the foam is used in much smaller volumes and concentrations. Application foams allow for much easier imaging using color-marked ultrasound. Foam sclerotherapy has contributed to revolutionizing the treatment of reflux in large vessels venous. Larger varicose veins can be treated with this method. The basic qualification criterion for sclerotherapy is: the diameter of the obliterated vessels, which should not exceed 8 millimeters in the ultrasound assessment. Effect effects of the foam during the procedure, its position can be well monitored by Doppler ultrasound.

What does a foam sclerotherapy treatment look like?

During the first visit, the stage of the disease is assessed and indications for surgery are determined performs an ultrasound examination. The injection of the drug is performed with a very thin needle (similar to insulin) and is basically painless. For precise localization of vessels in the subcutaneous tissue special skin lighting and a magnifying glass are used. From several to a dozen injections are performed at a time preparation. After the procedure, a pressure dressing is placed on the limb, most often a special compression stocking. The procedure on the same limb is repeated no earlier than after 14 days. Mostly it's impossible obliteration of all changes in one visit. On average I manage to get the expected result in 2-3 days visits. After the procedure, periodic inspection (every 12 months) is recommended to obliterate the newly formed spots.

Price of treatment
From PLN 300