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About us

The "Bellazone" clinic is a modern institute with a very high standard consisting of 3 medical centers: Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Center, Varicose Vein Treatment Center and Liposuction and Body Shaping Center. You can easily find out by these names of the centers. what areas of medicine the Clinic works in. We operate interdisciplinary in many other medical disciplines such as: Phlebology, Proctology, General Surgery, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy, Laryngology and Alopecia Treatment, Aesthetic Gynecology and Intimate Men. We have the highest quality medical equipment. With its help, we provide unique, non-invasive services in the field of aesthetic medicine and laser therapy. The "Bellazone" clinic is a unique place where you will feel safe and receive a full, professional package of medical services.

Aesthetic medicine is one of the best-developing fields of medicine. Its main task is to take various types of preventive actions that will delay the appearance of the effects of aging. Aesthetic medicine deals not only with the skin of the face and body, but also takes care of the entire body so that we can enjoy its good condition for as long as possible. Today, a youthful appearance depends not only on our age, but also on our awareness and willingness to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest solutions proposed by our Clinic.

The offer of the "Bellazone" Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Centerincludes a wide range of aesthetic medicine treatments. We specialize in effective skin rejuvenation methods and minimally invasive skin revitalization techniques. We perform innovative non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments using the Thermage method, based on the warming power of radio waves. The treatment effectively stops the skin aging process and rebuilds micro-damages caused by the passage of time. In turn, Thermage Eye is the only treatment that helps smooth and tighten the skin around the eyes and reduce wrinkles without surgical intervention, i.e. without stitches, bruises under the eyes and swelling typical of invasive facelifts. Another face lifting method with wrinkle reduction is VIVACE. VIVACE is a skin rejuvenation device using the technique of precise RF microneedle fractionation (depth from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm) with LED combination therapy, i.e. thanks to thermo lifting - i.e. microneedling and heating of the skin using radio waves, the skin is thickened and firmed. RF energy is delivered through microneedle electrodes directly to the dermis, resulting in the production of new collagen and elastin. The minimally invasive skin rejuvenation system features gold, partially insulated microneedle tips that affect the dermis without damaging the epidermis. Another non-invasive skin lifting method is EXILIS Protege BTL, which uses CRT (Collagen Refill Technology) - a non-invasive treatment for firming and lifting the skin of the face and neck. Exilis is a method that gives excellent results in reducing wrinkles, slimming, firming the skin and improving collagen production. CRT technology remodels collagen and dramatically improves skin density through the process of neocollagenesis. The treatment process can be used on all skin types all year round. This is the only non-invasive system that allows you to get rid of unnecessary fat tissue on the face or chin.

A very important element of our offer are also laser therapy treatments, which we perform using two complementary Fotona Spectro SP lasers.

The Fotona Spectro SP laser, thanks to the combination of two wavelengths of the laser beam: Nd:YAG - 1064nm and Er:YAG - 2940nm, offers the widest range of treatment services among all those available on the Polish market. The neodymium-Jag laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm is the deepest penetrating laser beam available on the market, thanks to which it can destroy large-diameter vessels hidden deep under the skin. At the same time, thanks to homogeneous penetration, it has a very wide range of applications and minimizes the risk of tissue damage. High power in quasi-continuous pulse mode is 30 Watts. The competition doesn't even come close to Siudo's result. Using the 2940nm wave, for minimally ablative quick treatments that remove microelements of damaged tissue, resulting in a deep thermal effect. Classic non-ablative fractional treatments leave thousands of trace elements in the skin, consisting of hot, dead remnants of the treated tissue. Excess heat from this tissue becomes trapped in the skin, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort. The Fotona head immediately removes hot tissue residues from the skin, reducing pain and accelerating recovery. Clean microchannels have the same thermal impact zone as microchannels after non-ablative fractional treatment, but do not cause irritation, swelling and pain. After treatment with a fractionating Photon head, the microchannels close and heal much faster than in the case of classic non-ablative fractional techniques. Thanks to this, treatments performed with the Fotona Spectro SP system are much faster and more effective. With this laser system, all patient needs can be met, achieving excellent clinical results and unprecedented gentleness. The Fotona Spectro SP laser is a modern device equipped with a number of heads enabling an extremely wide range of treatments, ranging from non-invasive removal of varicose veins or hemorrhoids, treatment of snoring or removal of excessive sweating in the armpits, scars and skin lesions, to non-invasive rejuvenation and lifting treatments and for women intimately, i.e. treatment of, for example, stress urinary incontinence. We offer our patients laser photorejuvenation with T3 technology - a modern method of skin regeneration using light. The T3 photorejuvenation treatment is more gentle than laser dermabrasion or deep chemical peels, and at the same time is an effective and safe universal treatment: in one go it removes fine wrinkles, freckles, dilated capillaries, facial erythema, enlarged pores and other effects of photodamage to the skin. Our offer also includes deep skin lifting and wrinkle reduction as part of a unique, extremely effective 3D fractionation treatment. 3D fractionation allows for radical rejuvenation of the dermis by achieving simultaneous wrinkle reduction, firming and improved skin tension. Unlike other laser rejuvenation treatments, this gentle, non-ablative treatment provides excellent results in a short time and requires no downtime. The effect of strong skin firming is provided by the fractionation treatment with the Smooth ablation effect, used primarily when the patient wants to achieve excellent skin firming and smoothing effects with minimal disruption of the epidermis layer. Another fantastic laser facial rejuvenation method is Piano. The Piano mode is used for non-ablative skin remodeling treatments using the Nd:YAG laser. Thermolifting Piano is indicated for complete, uniform heating of the dermis without damaging the epidermis. Our offer also includes a unique skin rejuvenation and remodeling treatment using the Twinlight method, performed using two Nd:Yag and Er:Yag Spectro SP laser beams. This extremely effective treatment is an excellent way to reduce wrinkles while firming and improving skin tension. Another radically rejuvenating laser treatment consisting of 5 laser procedures is Endolifiting 5D.

The offer of Bellazone Clinic includes many other facial skin rejuvenation technologies, such as: Dermapen, i.e. needle mesotherapy, NNM Lipo Kontour, i.e. needle-free mesotherapy, and Cellular Matrix Platelet-Rich Plasma mesotherapy, which results in stimulating fibroblasts to produce new collagen , moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. We also perform wrinkle smoothing treatments with Botox injections, and lip and face modeling with hyaluronic acid. The Center's offer includes effective, non-invasive non-surgical body shaping treatments, including injection lipolysis (elimination of fat deposits using injections of a substance that causes the breakdown of fat cells) and innovative fat tissue reduction systems such as: Endermologia Alliance LPG and Exilis BTL, Laser Fotona and Kryolipo, i.e. by cryolipolysis (permanent destruction of fat cells by low temperature). All these technologies firm sagging skin, slim the body and reduce cellulite.

Returning to the holistic approach to the patient, we provide comprehensive treatment in many areas, e.g. we comprehensively treat chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins and spider veins), skillfully adapting the treatment method to the stage of the disease and the patient's expectations. However, traditional methods of treating varicose veins do not provide patients with maximum safety and effectiveness, and are painful, invasive, require hospitalization and long-term convalescence. Therefore, we remove varicose veins non-surgically using an endovascular laser, which allows for non-invasive treatment of the venous system, quick constriction and closure of ineffective veins, without pain and without the need for hospitalization.

A very important medical field where we treat the patient comprehensively and non-invasively is the removal of fat tissue and body shaping. At the "Bellazone" Clinic we are one of a few in Poland - we use the latest and highest model of N.I.L. infrasound liposuction systems. – Eva SP6 equipped with the most technologically advanced EVAMATIC 5 head – which premiered in spring 2017. N.I.L. liposuction (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture), also known as nutational, is the most innovative method of removing unnecessary fat tissue. The device for performing this procedure has been patented by the Belgian company Euromi, and thanks to special cannulas connected to the apparatus that move in many planes (3D) using compressed air, it is possible to very precisely and non-invasively remove up to 4 liters of fat tissue during one treatment session. The treatment is performed using a thin cannula that generates infrasound, which causes the body's natural secretion of endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones. This, in turn, ensures that no pain is felt both during and after the procedure (natural anesthesia occurs). This gentleness and precision in sucking out fat cells means that they retain their properties, which makes it possible to use the sucked fat for transplantation during the same operation. The N.I.L method, unlike standard mechanical liposuction, or even laser- or ultrasound-assisted liposuction, does not damage the suctioned fat tissue, thus enabling its re-implantation. The system has a special protection that automatically stops suction and nutation when it encounters non-fatty tissue.

For body modeling, we also use Laser Fotona Spectro Sp and laser lipolysis and other non-invasive technologies such as Endermologia Alliance LPG, Exilis BTL and Cryolipolysis Kryolipo BTL.

When it comes to the problem of baldness, we have a special painless, non-invasive procedure for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and hair thickening in both women and men, Regenera Activa.

We also perform minor surgical procedures, including removal of yellow tufts from the eyelids, removal of a wart or skin tag, and removal of a corn. We offer our patients excision of large skin lesions, such as lipoma, subcutaneous tissue tumor or dural fibroma, and we also perform histopathological examination of the collected samples. The treatments are performed under local anesthesia, which allows for complete elimination of pain. The facility's offer includes abscess incision, Becker cyst puncture, pressure ulcer treatment, surgical wound debridement and many others.

When it comes to chronic pain treatment, joint degeneration and spine pain, we use autologous tissue transplantation. It involves the injection of appropriate proteins that are produced from the patient's blood. Depending on the type of disease, we administer the Orthokine system, IPRF therapy alone or PRP, i.e. injection of platelet-rich fibrin with platelet-rich plasma.

When it comes to chronic pain treatment, joint degeneration and spine pain, we use autologous tissue transplantation. It involves the injection of appropriate proteins that are produced from the patient's blood. Depending on the type of disease, we administer the Orthokine system, IPRF therapy alone or PRP, i.e. injection of platelet-rich fibrin with platelet-rich plasma.

We try to follow global trends and find the best technologies in terms of quality and safety to guarantee our patients innovative and effective treatment methods while ensuring maximum comfort of therapy. We are always guided by the good of our patients in order to offer them the best treatment profile, which is why we improve our qualifications every day by participating in numerous symposia and training courses in Poland and abroad. With us you can safely turn back time... this is the idea that has guided us from the very beginning. Therefore, the values we follow are honesty, respect and trust.

The main doctor at the "Bellazone" Clinic is M.D. Jarosław Rządkowski – second-degree general surgeon with many years of professional experience and aesthetic medicine doctor who also specializes in general surgery, phlebology and aesthetic medicine procedures. Dr. Rządkowski gained knowledge and experience not only during extensive professional practice, but also during numerous courses, training and symposia (including the 17th Conference "Contemporary trends in Phlebology", Advanced Course on Laparoscopic Surgery, Scientific and Training Conference of the Polish Society of Medicine Aesthetic and Anti-aging or the 23rd International Scientific and Training Conference of the Polish Surgical Society). Dr. Rządkowski performs a wide range of phlebology treatments in our Center (liquid and foam sclerotherapy, miniphlebectomy, removal of varicose veins with the EVLT endovascular laser), and also performs aesthetic medicine treatments using the latest medical devices.

Dr. Jarosław Rządkowski is a specialist in general surgery, a doctor with many years of professional experience. He graduated from medical studies at the Silesian Medical University in Katowice in 1993, and three years later he obtained the title of first-degree specialist in general surgery. In 2004, he completed the second degree of specialization in this field at the Medical Center for Postgraduate Education in Warsaw. Dr. Rządkowski also specializes in aesthetic medicine treatments: he completed his studies in this field at the Warsaw Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging, and graduated with distinction, obtaining the title of doctor of aesthetic medicine. Currently, he is invited to the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic Medicine as a lecturer in the field of laser therapy.

Dr. Jaroslaw Rządkowski is a doctor with broad knowledge and extensive professional experience, and a member of numerous scientific societies, including the Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine at the Polish Medical Society at PSME, the Polish Surgical Society and the Polish Phlebological Society. He receives patients at the "Bellazone" Clinic in Czestochowa, which he owns.

Doctor's achievements

Dr. Rządkowski is a doctor for whom the effectiveness of treatments and patient satisfaction is a priority, which is why he systematically expands his knowledge by participating in numerous courses and trainings. It also ensures that patients are offered treatments that are innovative, less and less invasive, and at the same time proven and safe. Among the courses and trainings attended by Dr. Rządkowski, it is worth mentioning the course "Non-surgical Methods of Reducing Fat Tissue with a Phosphatidylcholine Solution", training on the use of Regeneris platelet-rich plasma in the biostimulation of skin cells and revitalization of facial skin, as well as the course "Soft lifting - modeling of problem areas face (eye area, mouth, facial contour) with the use of hyaluronic acid. Dr. Rządkowski also participated in a course on advanced facial modeling techniques ("Author's techniques for correction of redness of the lips and mouth area with hyaluronic acid using a cannula. Advanced techniques for large and small facial volumetry. Techniques for nose correction with hyaluronic acid - rhinoplasty. Modeling of facial tissues with hyaluronic acid using the technique cannula combined with botulinum toxin") and in numerous training courses in the field of phlebology (phlebology workshops, sclerotherapy workshops, the course "Sclerotherapy, surgical treatment or endovascular methods. Advantages and disadvantages of various methods of treating varicose veins of the lower limbs. Contemporary and ancient views") .

Dr. Rządkowski has participated and continues to participate every year in numerous congresses, meetings and symposia, primarily in the field of phlebology, general surgery and aesthetic medicine. He participated in the Polish-American Symposium on the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer, the international conference "BTLS Advoced Course", the conference "Phlebology of the 21st century" and the conference devoted to the use of lasers in aesthetic medicine. He took part in the 11th Symposium of the Video Surgery Section of the Polish Society of Surgeons, the 5th International Congress of the Central Europan Vascular Forum and a two-part seminar on the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins using obliteration.

Treatments in which the doctor J. Rządkowski specializes.

Dr. Jarosław Rządkowski specializes in non-invasive phlebology procedures. He performs comprehensive diagnostics of the arteries and veins of the lower limbs and neck using modern Color Doppler ultrasound devices Vivid e and Vivid 3 from Gemed. He also offers his patients comprehensive treatment of varicose veins using non-invasive methods. During treatment, he uses foam and liquid sclerotherapy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, miniphlebectomy, and also performs transdermal laser removal of vascular lesions. Dr. Rządkowski also performs varicose vein removal procedures using the endovascular EVLT laser, the energy of which, released inside the vein, closes its lumen, so there is no need to remove it. This modern, minimally invasive method allows you to avoid classic surgery and is also characterized by high effectiveness and patient safety during the procedure. He also removes hemorrhoids with this laser.

Dr. Rządkowski offers his patients a wide range of modern, non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. Using the state-of-the-art Fotona Spectro SP laser system, he performs, among others: fractionation treatments with Smooth ablation effect, T3 photorejuvenation, 3D fractionation and Twinlight remodeling or 5D Endolifting. Dr. Rządkowski also uses this most modern and safest laser system available on the market in the removal of blood vessels, erythema, scars and stretch marks, as well as in the treatment of skin and nail fungal infections, in the treatment of snoring and in the removal of excessive sweating in the armpits. For patients who want to stop the passage of time, I offer non-surgical skin lifting using the Thermage, Vivace and Exilis methods, which allows for spectacular effects with low invasiveness. Dr. Rządkowski performs skin smoothing and wrinkle reduction treatments using Botox injections or lip and face modeling with hyaluronic acid. His offer also includes PRP platelet-rich plasma treatments for both the face and the use in the treatment of joint degeneration, spine pain and tendon diseases. People who are dissatisfied with their figure and body proportions can undergo modern non-invasive fat tissue removal treatments: to reduce unnecessary fat, Dr. Rządkowski uses: Alliance LPG Endermology, Exilis Protege BTL, Kryolipo BTL, i.e. cryolipolysis, injection lipolysis and laser lipolysis with the Fotona Spectro SP laser. and performs NIL system liposuction treatments. This gentleness and precision in sucking out fat cells means that they retain their properties, which makes it possible to use the sucked fat for transplantation during the same operation. The N.I.L method, unlike standard mechanical liposuction, or even laser- or ultrasound-assisted liposuction, does not damage the suctioned fat tissue, thus enabling its re-implantation. The system has a special protection that automatically stops suction and nutation when it encounters non-fatty tissue.

Dr. Rządkowski also performs general surgery procedures, such as removal of a wart, mole or cyst, removal of a callus or incision of an abscess. During his work, he uses the most modern medical devices and innovative laser systems that allow him to perform effective, low-invasive procedures, which are an excellent alternative to vascular and plastic surgery.

Certificates, diplomas and certificates

Our Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Center "Bellazone" is a place that enjoys great trust and great opinions among patients who have so far undergone the treatments available with us. For this reason, we have been awarded many diplomas confirming the high quality of the services we provide.

Moreover, "Bellazone" boasts a team of outstanding specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine who constantly improve their qualifications by obtaining various certificates.

Here you will find a list of all awards received by "Bellazone".

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