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Laser lipolysis is the best alternative to classic liposuction. Thanks to its high power and advanced safety systems, it is one of the fastest and safest medical laser systems, enabling the elimination of significant amount of fat during the procedure. The treatment gives fantastic results in body shaping.

Fotona Spectro Sp Laser is an innovative and safe method created specifically for the removal of fat tissue through the selective action of laser radiation on fat cells. It allows you to quickly get rid of unwanted centimeters, that cannot be removed by diet or exercise. Laser lipolysis provides excellent body shaping while improving skin firmness. Additionally, the laser has the ability to shrink collagen fibers, which causes a tightening effect and tension of subcutaneous tissue after the procedure. You have to wait 3 to 6 months for full effects. The procedure is a minimally invasive and safe method. It is an excellent solution for people who are afraid of serious surgical intervention. Laser lipolysis does not require general anesthesia or hospitalization. Returning to a normal lifestyle is possible 2-3 days after the procedure.

In our center we use a Nd: YAG neodymium-jag laser from Fotona Spectro SP with a light wavelength of 1064nm. It is the deepest penetrating laser beam available on global markets, so it can destroy blood vessels large diameter, deeply hidden under the skin. At the same time, thanks to homogeneous penetration, it has a very wide range of applications and minimizes the risk of tissue damage. Clinical reports confirm: a) Nd:YAG laser wavelength bound with the creation of the largest thermal volume in the subcutaneous tissue and a low probability of causing damage to the adjacent dermis; b) thanks to the pulsed mode of operation of the Nd:YAG (QCW) laser, it has a significantly greater ability coagulation of blood vessels compared to diode lasers operating in the continuous wave (CW) mode. Therefore, the Fotona Spectro SP Laser, thanks to the highest power and advanced safety systems, is the fastest and safest laser on the market.

Laser lipolysis and liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is the second most common surgical procedure in the US, behind only the most popular procedure (breast augmentation surgery) by 4%. She is also one of the five most common in the UK. According to data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 341,144 liposuction procedures were performed in 2008.

Traditional liposuction, however, has several disadvantages. These disadvantages are:

Laser lipolysis is a fascinating procedure that provides:

Therefore, laser lipolysis has a huge advantage over traditional liposuction. When using laser lipolysis, the amount of removed fat tissue increases: by liquefying the fat tissue, a larger volume can be removed more easily. way. The laser lipolysis procedure involves less trauma because due to the small size of the cannula and the effect of light causing lipolysis, the mechanical damage to skin structures caused by the cannula is minimal. The result is faster recovery and reduction of hemorrhages. The third advantage of laser lipolysis is the coagulation of small blood vessels using laser light, thanks to which blood loss during the procedure is much smaller. The fourth positive aspect is to increase skin tension. This property makes laser lipolysis particularly beneficial in cases of local obesity or local skin laxity after liposuction. The skin increases its tension over a period of time, which may be up to 8 months; skin tightening becomes more and more visible due to the re-development of collagen. Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It is performed through small incisions on the skin, which do not require any surgery placing sutures, allow for drainage, prevent infections and heal within a week of the procedure.

What does the procedure look like

The treatment involves the use of a laser whose optical fiber (diameter 0.3 mm) is introduced into the fatty tissue through a small incision (usually in the skin creases, in order to hide the subsequent tiny scar). Radiation emitted by a laser it bloodlessly breaks down the membranes of fat cells, releasing their contents (triglycerides). In this way, fat cells are turned into an emulsion that is absorbed and excreted by the body over the next few days. through normal metabolic processes. Laser pulses shrink collagen fibers, which additionally tightens the skin and subcutaneous tissue after the treatment. When the treatment covers more extensive areas, low-pressure devices are also used sucking out excess emulsion. In most cases, laser lipolysis treatment is performed under local anesthesia, which makes it much safer and allows for rapid recovery after the procedure.

Advantages of laser lipolysis

Effects after laser lipolysis

The contours of the body improve day by day, the figure becomes slimmer and harmonious, the skin becomes firmer and tauter. The final results are permanent and visible after 1-2 months. Once fat cells are broken down, they have no ability to multiply again myself. Clothes fit your figure better - you can even lose 2-3 sizes. If a person gains weight again, the fat will be located in other parts of the body, not in the difficult and resistant parts from which it was removed.

After the procedure

Swelling disappears gradually over a few weeks (depending on the size of the area), and bruising usually disappears within 2 weeks. Thanks to infiltration anesthesia, irritations and symptoms are so minor that they can usually be relieved by mild painkillers. The day after the procedure, patients should start moving, which will improve their well-being. Return to work and normal life activities is possible after 2-4 days. After a week, you can do light physical exercise, but you should refrain from heavy exercise for up to 2 weeks.

Areas of treatment

Who is laser lipolysis treatment for?

Virtually anyone can undergo the treatment. Laser lipolysis is for people in good health with locally accumulated, uneven fat tissue, preferably non-smokers, with normal body weight (small deviations allowed - but no more than 25% of their ideal weight, large overweight excluded) with realistic expectations, any age.

Before laser lipolysis treatment

It is necessary to perform a blood and urine test, and it is recommended to take vitamin C for several days. You must not drink or eat 6 hours before the procedure.

Is laser lipolysis treatment safe?

Laser lipolysis treatments were approved in the United States by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) in November 2006. as safe treatments that do not cause life-threatening complications. Since then, thousands of laser lipolysis treatments have been performed around the world. The procedure is considered one of the safest procedures in aesthetic surgery.

Laser lipolysis is safer than traditional liposuction because it can be performed under local anesthesia, and thanks to the use of the laser, the invasiveness of the procedure and post-treatment bleeding are reduced to a minimum. Currently, it is one of the most dynamically developing methods of fat reduction in the world.

How quickly can you return to normal activity after laser lipolysis treatment?

With traditional liposuction, it usually takes weeks or even months to return to normal activity. Laser lipolysis treatment drastically shortens the recovery period. After 1-2 days, most patients return to their daily activities. The use of local anesthesia excludes side effects typical of procedures under general anesthesia, such as nausea or malaise.

How long does the laser lipolysis treatment take?

A typical treatment in one area lasts from 1 to 2 hours.

How many treatments do I need to get the expected effect?

In most cases, one laser lipolysis treatment is enough. If you expect further improvement in specific areas, a follow-up treatment may be performed.

Contraindications to the procedure

Why do we perform laser lipolysis with Nd:YAG and Er:YAG FOTONA SPECTRO SP lasers?

Fotona neodymium-jagum Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers are modern devices enabling a number of procedures in the field of surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The spectrum of applications is very wide, ranging from laser epilation, through acne treatment, photorejuvenation, to the treatment of skin cancer, removal of varicose veins and laser lipolysis procedures. The Spectro SP laser achieves maximum effects with a minimum depth of laser beam penetration. This laser is the ideal tool for fast, cold ablation.

The average power in quasi-continuous pulse mode is 30 WAT. The competition doesn't even come close to this result. Thanks to this, treatments are performed much faster and more effective. In the hands of a doctor, this laser is an almost perfect tool.

Effective laser lipolysis for all skin types:

Nd:YAG laser Photons with long pulses is characterized by homogeneous penetration and low absorption by tissue chromophores. These two advantages allow the Nd:YAG laser to reach deeper structures without damaging the epidermis, regardless of skin type. Thanks to the pulsed mode of operation of the Nd:YAG laser (QCW), it has a significantly greater ability to coagulate blood vessels compared to diode lasers operating in the continuous wave (CW) mode.

Innovation of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers Fotona Spectro SP:

This laser is equipped with a number of innovative solutions such as EFC (impulse feedback control) - a system that provides a previously unavailable level of control over the energy of the laser beam pulse. Thanks to each calibration of the device, the laser always provides a beam with precisely defined parameters, which increases the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Another innovation in Fotona Spectro SP lasers is the VSP system (variable square pulse - a patented solution) that allows the generation of a pulse with given parameters with a negligible rise and fall time of the pulse energy. This increases the efficiency of the laser beam and simultaneously improves the effectiveness and speed of treatment compared to other devices.

Thanks to the highest power and advanced safety system, the Fotona Spectro SP laser is the fastest and safest laser on the market.

The security of the Fotona Spectro SP system is:

The effectiveness of the Fotona Spectro SP system is:

The neodymium-Jag laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm is the deepest penetrating laser beam available on the market, thanks to which it can destroy large-diameter vessels hidden deep under the skin. At the same time, thanks to homogeneous penetration, it has a very wide range of applications and minimizes the risk of tissue damage. High power in quasi-continuous pulse mode is 30 Watts. The competition doesn't even come close to Siudo's result. Thanks to this, treatments performed with the Fotona Spectro SP system are much faster and more effective. With this laser system, all patient needs can be met, achieving excellent clinical results and unprecedented gentleness.

Price of treatment
From PLN 1,500