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Nutative infrasound liposuction NIL - body shaping

Nutational Liposuction N.I.L. (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture)in plastic surgery creates a new stage in vibration liposuction techniques, while being a precise, effective, painless and minimally invasive method of sucking out fat tissue.

At the Bellazone Clinic, we are one of the few in Poland who use the latest and highest model of N.I.L. Liposuction systems. – Eva SP6 equipped with the most technologically advanced EVAMATIC 5 head – which premiered in spring 2017.



- permanent removal of fat tissue

Laser lipolysis is the best alternative to classic liposuction. Thanks to its high power and advanced safety systems, it is one of the fastest and safest medical laser systems and allows the removal of a significant amount of fat during the procedure. The treatment gives fantastic results in body shaping.


Syringe liposuction - chin modeling

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