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NNM Lipo Kontour - needle-free laser mesotherapy - skin lifting/rejuvenation and firming, wrinkle reduction

What is NNM Lipo Kontour needle-free mesotherapy?

NNM TM LIPO KONTOUR - NO-NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY (NO-NEEDLE MESOTHERAPYTM) - is an innovative, non-invasive medical system for dissolving fat tissue (fat reduction, body shaping), combating cellulite (cellulite reduction, firming, improving skin quality), reducing wrinkles (skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, improvement of skin elasticity), skin whitening (skin brightening, reduction of discolorations) and skin lifting (improving skin elasticity and firmness).

The system is a novelty on a global scale and an alternative to standard mesotherapy.

Turn back time with NNM Lipo Kontour – the innovation of this needle-free mesotherapy

Classical mesotherapy is a popular and effective method of treating cellulite, reducing wrinkles and dissolving fat tissue in many countries around the world, and the treatments are performed by experienced dermatologists by injecting special "cocktails" into the subcutaneous layers using needles.

The innovative technology created by BTL is completely painless, takes place without the use of needles, and does not cause swelling or any side effects. This is a method in which the AquaphoresisTM process was used for the first time in the world. The patient's tissue is stimulated with a laser, and then specially designed electrical impulses flow through it, which open the aquaporins of subcutaneous tissue cells. Liquid active substances are delivered to the subcutaneous tissue using a special applicator, which also closes the current circuit. The next phases of the treatment are muscle toning and lymphatic stimulation.

An additional benefit associated with this innovative method is improved skin metabolism, improved microcirculation, increased tissue oxygenation and better skin hydration.

Needle-free NNM™ Mesotherapy is a modern alternative to classic mesotherapy. The NNM™ method uses special electrical impulses designed to relieve tissue congestion. The NNM™ method is based on a new technique called Aquaphoresis™, in which laser technology and special electrical impulses help reactivate specific physiological processes in the tissues that influence the development of cellulite. These processes include microcirculation, lymphatic drainage and improved circulation.

Advantages of the NNM™ Lipo Kontour needle-free mesotherapy treatment

The Aquaphoresis™ process uses a synergistic effect:

Advantages of the NNM™ Lipo Kontour device:

Types of therapy:

The NNM™ Lipo Kontour device is a non-invasive medical system with versatile applications in aesthetic medicine for:

What is the course of the procedure:

The skin has a number of "entrances" that allow certain substances to penetrate deep into the skin (pores, hair follicles and sweat and sebaceous glands). However, these entrances are unevenly distributed on the skin surface and too small to enable the absorption of topical substances.

The first stage of the treatment is irradiation of a given area of skin with a biostimulation laser. This prepares the skin for the next stage - the introduction of active substances. During this treatment, a gel containing active substances and having properties that conduct electrical impulses is applied to the patient's skin. It is these electrical impulses that expand and enable the transport of active substances deep into the skin. The ingredients of the active substances have a strong antioxidant effect, nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing the mesodermal layer of the skin. When introducing active substances, appropriate movements are used depending on the type of therapy. Electrical impulses cause lymphatic drainage, thereby removing toxins and harmful metabolic products. These impulses also improve blood flow, which is important for proper skin nourishment.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatment lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the therapy. The therapy parameters are smoothly adjusted to the patient's threshold, and the intensity of the therapy can be adjusted so that the patient does not feel any discomfort. Aquaphoresis™ is a very patient-friendly method and they do not feel any discomfort during the treatments.

How many treatments should be performed?

To achieve the expected results, it is necessary to perform a series of 8-10 treatments (2 to 3 treatments a week). The first effects can be observed after 5-6 treatments. However, it mainly depends on the condition of the skin and the severity of the changes. The effects of NNM™ Lipo Kontour needle-free mesotherapy are excellent and long-lasting.


The skin loses its elasticity and firmness during the natural aging process. This is especially noticeable in places where the skin is thinner and more loosely connected to the muscles, such as the cleavage or neck. Non-invasive Derma-Lift skin lifting is performed thanks to the NNM™ system, which combines a unique technology with a combination of an appropriate formula of active ingredients aimed at firming sagging skin in the body parts most susceptible to this phenomenon. Transdermal delivery of active substances is effective in therapy and reduction of skin sagging. BTL NNM™ Lipo Kontour uses a specialized program based on a formula of appropriate active substances that reduce the problem of sagging skin. The aim of the therapy is to improve skin quality by remodeling collagen, skin hydration and other processes leading to rapid skin firming.

Areas of application of the NNM™ Lipo Kontour lifting:

NNM™ Lipo Kontour lifting effects

Effects of the treatment

After 10 treatments
After 10 treatments


The appearance of wrinkles is a natural aspect of aging. As a result skin hydration deteriorates and fiber production decreases elastin and collagen. Presence is also one of the important factors free radicals. Generally speaking, this phenomenon cannot be stopped, but its course can be significantly slowed down. The only effective method of fighting wrinkles is to improve the nutrition of the dermis. Needle-free Mesotherapy NNM™ reaches the basis of processes related to skin aging. Aquaphoresis™ causes deep hydration of the skin, improves its elasticity and stimulates lymphatic system and provides a long-lasting effect of improving skin firmness. Active substances and Aquaforeza™ gel contain large amounts of ingredients moisturizing, antioxidants, DL-Panthenol, immunostimulants and natural plant extracts. Aquaphoresis™ is a method enabling deep penetration tissues by the ingredients contained in the "cocktail" of Active Substances. Synergy Aquaphoresis™ special electrical impulses and delivered efficiently "cocktail" of Active Substances brings the maximum possible effect be obtained with the current state of knowledge. Wrinkles are caused by:

Areas of application of NNM™ Lipo Kontour anti-wrinkle therapy:

Effects of wrinkle reduction of needle-free NNM™ Lipo Kontour mesotherapy

Effects of anti-wrinkle therapy

Before treatments
After 7 treatments
Before treatments
After 7 treatments
Before treatments
After 7 treatments

Contraindications to the procedure using the NNM™ LIPO Kontour device:

  1. Contraindications in electrotherapy:

    • Active tuberculous process
    • Allergy to solutions used to wet sponge electrode covers,
    • Application around the heart and eyes,
    • Unjustified stimulation to induce the "placebo effect",
    • Patient with a pacemaker - pacemaker,
    • Cardiovascular diseases,
    • Cochlear implants,
    • Metal implants and malignant tumors in the path of current flow,
    • Skin changes and inflammation
    • Bleeding,
    • Menstruation
    • Cancer diseases,
    • Sensory disturbances (relative KI) at the site of electrode attachment,
    • Psychopathological syndromes and psychoorganic syndromes,
    • Multiple sclerosis,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Inflammation of the veins and lymphatic channels,
    • Hyperthyroidism,
    • Hypothyroidism,
    • Epilepsy.

  2. Contraindications in laser therapy:

    • Application around the eyes - possible direct impact of radiation on the eye and damage to the retina,
    • Menstruation,
    • Cancer diseases,
    • Laser treatment of malignant tumors and potentially malignant lesions
    • Laser treatment in patients with cochlear implants
    • Laser treatment of endocrine glands,
    • Patients with fever,
    • Pulse modes should not be used in people with a history of epilepsy,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Excessive expectations regarding the effects of the treatment.

Scientifically proven technology

The penetration depth achieved with BTL NNM™ Lipo Kontour has been verified by university studies based on radioisotope lymphography. The active substances were mixed with 99 mTc and the treatments were performed using the standard NNM™ protocol. The presence of the isotope in the blood was detected in the lymphatic system in less than 20 minutes and was visible for up to 24 hours. The distribution of substances was much more even compared to classic needle methods. The photos were taken using a Gamma Planar scanner with a collimator immediately after the procedure, 1, 2 and 24 hours after the procedure. This is the first scientific study fully documenting non-invasive mesodermal penetration. The research was conducted at the prestigious Naval Hospital in Buenos Aires (Argentina) under the direction of Dr. Alberto Croci from the Salvador Nieto Foundation - an organization devoted to the study and research of lymphatic pathologies.

Price of treatment
From PLN 210